Delpozo AW 2014


It’s pretty unbelievable that the Josep Font-led Delpozo only made its NYFW debut a year ago. Judging by the  meticulously designed, couture-like looks that came down the runway for the brand’s autumn/winter 2014 collection, you wouldn’t be out of your element to think that this was the creation of a seasoned veteran. Featuring a very on-point palette of  blues, pinks, and the current season favourite, cream, the collection is charming without being cavity-inducing. Font achieves this balance by playing with shapes throughout. Architectural coats and a-line dresses with billowy skirts. Slouchy cropped pants with boxy tops. Voluminous capes layered over slim turtlenecks. The  recurring use of circular shapes is a whimsical touch, and is vaguely referential without becoming retro. (If I were to all of a sudden become Zooey Deschannel’s stylist, I’d probably try and force her out of her twee get-ups and into the cream mod dress with the mustard discs) And the dreamy organza dresses, while not being particularly game changing, are absolutely pristine. Overall, the element of fantasy infuses the collection with playfulness but never overwhelms, which means it’s still wearable  for those of you who can afford a $5000 dress (yes, that is actually the price tag).















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