Party all night

This month’s Foundry series is taking The Pack dancing almost every weekend through the start of April. No rookies to the dance floor, we thought we’d share some tips for looking fly all night.


Note: some practical beauty tips. One of the best things about nights like these is allowing your focus to blur and letting go of ritual beauty you might subscribe to during your day-to-day life. It’s cool if your hair is frizzier than normal. Listen to the music and let it be cathartic.

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Life Aquatic


For those of us internet-addicted enough to remember the historic downfall of seapunk, maybe the idea of wading back into #wavvy aquatic fashion is off-putting. But something’s in the water and with the rise of flood pants and Kenzo’s ode to sustainable fishing practices on their S/S 2014 runway, oceanic inspiration is back for spring. In celebration of The Pack’s newest little mascot, lolitawoolf‘s Martin the Fish, check out these sea-side approved outfits and accessories. Let Martin school you.

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GHE2OGOTH1K in Toronto


Hosting Venus X in Toronto is beyond anything I can comprehend. Elated is one of the many feelings I am able to articulate into words. I look up to the people behind the GHE2O GOTH1K parties with the shadow of a high school crush. I never thoughts they’d migrate north to us. Started by Venus X in 2009 along with her friend Shayne Oliver (Hood By Air), the parties have evolved into a movement. The energy of the phenomenon is infectious and the party personalities articulate themselves through fashion. Their hashtag mottos on their tumblr include:




The tastemakers showcased and encouraged artists like Kelela, Arca, the A$AP Mob, Tan Boys, Le1f, and of course clothing lines like Hood By Air. The women of The Pack were out last night at the Toronto invasion of GHE2O GOTH1K. Click more for some snaps we looked to for outfit inspiration.

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Carven Spring Summer 2014

CarvenSS14-Femme1-Left_0 CarvenSS14-Femme2-Right_1 CarvenSS14-Femme3-Left_1 CarvenSS14-Femme4-Right_1

One of my favourite campaigns of the season comes courtesy of French label Carven. Starring the delicately pretty, but also boyish in all the best ways Marte Mei van Hasster, the campaign was photographed and rendered by Dutch artist Viviane Sassen, who’s been a creative partner of Carven head designer, Guillaume Henry for the past five seasons. Clearly a match made in heaven, the duo has hit it out of the park yet again with these surrealist springtime snaps.

New Arrivals


Each season, the sheer quantity of runway-inspired shoes manufactured by Zara is enough to send me into a frenzy. Sometimes I even toss and turn at night trying to invent new and clever ways to make money and amass more storage space. It really doesn’t help that acquiring a new pair these days is as easy as a few clicks.


This is how I ended up with two new pairs of shoes, each pair more unseasonable than the one before. Why I got the first pair is a no brainer. In fact, you might wonder what took me so long. I love how simple they look, without buckles or hardware of any sort. It took me a while to dive into the Birkenstock trend—I’ve always been hippie garb-averse. These are my ideal interpretation of the casual summer sandal: modern and simple, minus any bells and whistles or cork, for that matter. They look especially good paired with slouchy trousers.

The second pair looks a little dull, but is actually something I’ve been searching for for at least a season or two: the sturdy and comfortable strappy sandal. Yes, everyone wanted those stunning Alexander Wang strappy heels from last summer but the moment I heard they were like torture for your feet, I totally checked out. I am a practical woman after all, and these beauties elongate my limbs like any other strappy heel, without the painful blisters and the need to carry one of those foldable ballet slippers that are actually completely hideous.


In the fitting room…


Last night, instead of being a responsible adult and going home to do my taxes, I went on a bit of a jaunt to the mall. Not without purpose of course. I am in need of a pretty slick ensemble for a pretty slick event going down this Thurday. I have been invited to DJ the 1-year anniversary party for Toronto’s flagship location of Tiger of Sweden, presented by Sharp Magazine. Without gushing too much about the label’s classic, menswear-inspired designs, I feel incredibly honoured to be given this opportunity and can’t wait to select the tracks for the fashionable guests to boogie down to. Be sure to check back in the later part of this week for our coverage of the event!

Here I am trying but failing to look awake in the cozy boudoir-like dressing room of Topshop. Wearing an all white short suit and a pair of super dramatic, and obviously all mine, structured culottes. New Balances are my own.

Topshop x Adidas


Big name celebrity collabs are a dime a dozen these days. And after the nth H&M x _____ collaboration rolls out with its overpriced items that get sold in seconds because of stylists and EBay hustlers, it can be hard to muster any enthusiasm. This one by Topshop & Adidas gets a free pass into my inspiration folder though. Aside from the enticing wet hair look, I’m into the bold London streetwear feel of the garments. Immediate favourites are the white sweatshirt and baby blue gym shorts. And of course, the classic head to toe tracksuit, preferably worn while checking out a Dizzee Rascal show.

The collection is currently available in Topshop stores nationwide.

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I Luh Ya Papi

The Pack’s first ever guest blog post comes courtesy of Lauren Mitchell, fellow feminist & fashion enthusiast and Toronto’s funniest rap critic. You should read her Tweets here.

J Lo is like the perfect hip hop diva, her style is aspirational – you can’t afford it and your knock offs look cheap as fuck. J Lo is pay the fullest price or go home. J Lo is custom made Balenciaga. J Lo ain’t you, and you ain’t shit. This is why I love her and generally consider her the Queen Diva of Hip Hop. Her new video for I Luh Ya Papi is a return to classic J Lo form. Now, I am going to disregard a couple of things here (the fact that the song sucks, the hook makes it sound like she’s talking to her puppy, I desperately need French Montana to stop rapping) and focus on the important shit, her outfits.

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