The Agathe Culottes

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My first encounter with fashion came from the descriptions of outfits in the Babysitters’ Club books. Up until that point my fashion vocabulary did not extend far beyond “pants”, “shirt”, “sweater”, and “dress”, which also meant skirts. Occasionally “jacket” would enter the mix if  I was feeling more grown-up.

You can imagine my bewilderment the first time I read a description of one of Claudia Kishi‘s decidedly unbasic get-ups. Identified as the “funky” one in every single BSC book, Claudia introduced the clueless 10-year-old me to everything from suspenders to camisoles, anoraks to espadrilles, and yes, culottes.


Culottes, not to be confused with capris or palazzo pants, are sort of a cross between the two. Long and wide enough to be a skirt but not long enough to reach past your calves, culottes are an ingenious way of looking sophisticated and feminine without appearing overly precious or girly (the fashion kiss-of-death). The culotte-wearing woman probably likes adventures and can hold her own trading stock tips with alpha males. Comfort and ease are priorities for her when it comes to getting dressed, but not at the expense of looking tailored.

The Agathe culottes by Tibi is one of the best iterations of this trend available right now. Roomy and voluminous like a skirt, but tailored in the hips and defined at the  waist like Katherine Hepburn trousers, this lust-worthy item comes in a very on-trend blush  tone. Not only is it perfect for spring, it really elongates the legs if you happen to be shaded in a light pink. I’m looking at you, white girls.

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