aerielist wears Urban Outfitters crop top and vintage cheerleader skirt / lolitawoolf wears American Apparel bathing suit under thrifted mesh jersey / shhrug wears mesh T and boyfriend jeans

In a deliberately unblogger and quintessentially Pack sort of way, our third group style post features photos taken on Lolitawoolf’s phone, in the bathroom of a night club, and includes a new friend we’d made while waiting in line to empty our bladders. Week 1 of Foundry got off to a sweaty, dizzying start, and the three of us were more than overjoyed that it was finally here (City of Toronto be damned). Click here for an excellent mix of tunes by all of the Foundry artists that’s played or are about to play in the coming weeks, as selected and mixed by mr. shhrug, arche. This is required listening, especially if you’re curious about the month-long series but don’t know where to start.

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