Sid Neigum AW14


Sid Neigum on the inspiration behind his AW14 collection for Toronto Fashion Week:

 “The collection was inspired by packaging design. From a technical standpoint, the mission for this collection was to make garments out of one piece of fabric and have it fold, wrap and twist in such a way that it creates a complete piece. The body became the object and the garment became the packaging. I started by stripping the garment construction down – eliminating anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. The result is a 2 dimensional form which is then laser cut, folded and wrapped to create the piece.”

I was fortunate to experience Sid Neigum’s AW14 collection in person today at David Pecault Square. Set to eerie Hitchcockian strings, the show was an intriguing start to this year’s World Mastercard Fashion Week. Featuring some stunningly architectural looks and some drapier pieces that were less flattering, the collection was strongest when the garment floated around the model’s bodies, barely hugging her limbs and giving them plenty of room to breathe. The shape of these cocoon layers combined with the stiff high necks gave the models a don’t-fuck-with-me stateliness that was very badass Queen, very Maleficent. Come to think of it, with all the crucifix keyholes, terracotta hues, and tattered hems that resembled mini peasant robes (not to mention the full gold get-up), this was a collection that seemed deeply rooted in antiquity.














All images via Sid Neigum

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