I Luh Ya Papi

The Pack’s first ever guest blog post comes courtesy of Lauren Mitchell, fellow feminist & fashion enthusiast and Toronto’s funniest rap critic. You should read her Tweets here.

J Lo is like the perfect hip hop diva, her style is aspirational – you can’t afford it and your knock offs look cheap as fuck. J Lo is pay the fullest price or go home. J Lo is custom made Balenciaga. J Lo ain’t you, and you ain’t shit. This is why I love her and generally consider her the Queen Diva of Hip Hop. Her new video for I Luh Ya Papi is a return to classic J Lo form. Now, I am going to disregard a couple of things here (the fact that the song sucks, the hook makes it sound like she’s talking to her puppy, I desperately need French Montana to stop rapping) and focus on the important shit, her outfits.


First up, my favourite outfit: the all-white and gold outfit that you NEED when dancing on your yacht with many scantily clad men. This is some classic fly girl shit – tight pony tail, big gold accessories, and BOOTY. This is what I would wear everyday if it was socially acceptable for a white girl who works in an office to dress like a Miami dream.


Next, the throwback Versace pantsuit. I think we all remember the glory days of J Lo – no, not Timbs-clad, Affleck loving Jen, but post fly girl, pre-international diva Jen. Diddy’s Jen. This iteration is better though because what it gained in pants, it lost in Diddy affiliation, which I think we can all agree is for the best.



The dance scene outfits are also amazing. Cause when I dance in a choreographed manner with my girls, it’s either my full denim booty short outfit, or just my sweats and my “Blessed” t-shirt.


Finally, we have the ‘French Montana Outfit” an all-orange ensemble that includes a crop top vest that looks like it might have come from MEC but also cost thousands of dollars. Duck hunt couture baby.

J Lo is a hero to us all, and we’d do best not to forget that.

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