Party all night

This month’s Foundry series is taking The Pack dancing almost every weekend through the start of April. No rookies to the dance floor, we thought we’d share some tips for looking fly all night.


Note: some practical beauty tips. One of the best things about nights like these is allowing your focus to blur and letting go of ritual beauty you might subscribe to during your day-to-day life. It’s cool if your hair is frizzier than normal. Listen to the music and let it be cathartic.


The most important factor in how you do yourself up before a late night party is knowing how your body reacts to various situations. For example, does your skin oxidize? Mine does. Let me tell you, that green shit all over my hands from cheap bronze jewelry is nasty at 5am, let alone when you’re waking up to them the next day. In a perfect world, wear precious metals. If you’re like me and dig a good Claire’s find, paint rings with clear nail polish the night before you’re wearing them. The dollar store is a fun place to grab jewelry that is usually plastic and occasionally light-up.


If you’re always cold then you’re in for a treat at a rave. Get ready to get cozy. If you overheat, your body temperature should dictate what you’re putting on your face. When The Pack hit up the subterranean White Material showcase in Rainbow Palace, my body reacted as if in a sauna. If you wear foundation, consider a matte waterproof one like MAC Face and Body Foundation or Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation applied with a wet sponge.


I’m a lipstick girl but when dancing, go for a matte lip stain or pencil. Nars makes a perfect velvet lip pencil that stays on forever (the Dragon Girl + Geisha Girl pigments are to die), and Revlon does a wicked stain that has a balm on the end for easy re-vamping without a mirror. With usually inaccessible bathroom line-ups I can’t run back and forth missing the music and getting out of a good head space to re-apply. Reserve makeup experimentation and any makeup that doesn’t feel natural to you for a less immersive experience. You don’t want to try an adventurous winged eyeliner and smear it down your cheek because you forgot you’re wearing it. Nothing against winged eyeliner, just go for a liquid over a gel to prevent it emulsifying if you sweat. Grab a Maybelline Lash Stiletto Liquid Liner at the drug store or step it up with The Aqua Liner by Make Up Forever.

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Rule of thumb for me is if you’re going out dancing all night, use your discretion with a beanie. Your body will be sad and hot and your body heat won’t escape and your hair will smell like the hat. That being said, I know beanies are the best—I wear them constantly. I feel naked without one at times. But if a hat must be worn, maybe opt for a baseball hat. With ventilation. Everyone’s hair is their own cross to bear and mine has the texture of a mid sized rodent. I try to straighten or play up the waves, but if I dance, I inevitably leave clubs with a comb’s nightmare. Since I can’t live my dream of having Diana Ross volume, I bring bobby pins and do a spiral bun so it’s out of my face and tangle free when I unleash it later. Bring a hair elastic for your wrist. French braids are a good call, as are high ponytails. The recent resurgence of the double bun look made an appearance on shhrug at GHE2OGOTH1K on Thursday. Girl owned.  Opt for throwing it up.

WILDFOX_SPRING_13_CLUELESS-60ztgas3-l-610x610-bag-black-leather-backpack-rucksack-sweater-zip-black-bags-purse-tumblr-black-backpack-black-leather-leather-backpack christeric-knee-highs-mini-backpackwildfox_couture_campaign_clueless_mark_hunter_cobra_snake_fashion_lookbook_yellow_18es1dt-18es1f9 bjr6nw-l-610x610-bag-clear-bag-see-through-backpack-cute-clear-holographic-shorts-pants-trousers-transparent-bag-rainbow-print

The Pack endorses the backpack for all your party going needs. There is truly nothing worse than adjusting your purse all night hugging people and dancing, or being rhythmically hit by someone else’s as they dance a foot away from you. Keep it hands free and choose a backpack. When it comes to shoes, choose yourself. Don’t wear heels you’ve never worn out before. You do not want to break them in this way under any circumstance. Do not wear heels if you don’t like wearing heels. Those heels are going to shit on your whole life. Platforms work for me because with the right shape you’ve got good support and balance for hours. Avoid shoes that are on the verge of breaking. I learned this the hard way at Four Tet a few weeks back when shhrug and aerialist had to get down on their knees to adapt my broken shoe strap with two elastic bands 10 minutes after arriving at 99 Sudbury. Friendship.

All images via wildfox, opening ceremony, georgia pendleburychristeric, and tumblrs everywhere

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