Hyères 2014


The 29th annual Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography just took place over this past weekend at the historic Villa Noailles in Hyères, France. The festival marks the annual showcase of some of the most forward-thinking talent in fashion . This year, with a jury headed by the powerhouse visionaries Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the competition’s 2014 hashtagged motto was especially true: all eyes were on Hyères. Of a total of 312 entrants from 55 countries, 45 semi-finalists and 10 total finalists were in the running for Hyères’ grand prize.  Late yesterday word broke that Japanese designer Kenta Matsushige had won the Grand Prix  du Jury Première Vison. Take a look at his winning collection and inspiring designs from the other finalists after the cut…


(photos via wearethefrontier)

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New In



03My quest to replace every coloured item in my wardrobe with black or white pieces continues. As someone with a limited amount of closet space  who shops for clothes more often than buying groceries, it’s incredibly important to me to find a sustainable way of getting rid of items I no longer wear. Clothing swaps with friends and donating to Goodwill or Salvation Army are both great options. [As a sidenote, I try to avoid donating my outgrown and outloved clothes to Value Village because they are a for-profit chain that only donates approximately 10% of its profits to charities, while doing everything within their power to deceive the public into thinking they’re a non-profit.]

By far the most economic way of finding a new home for my unwanted floral skirts and high-waisted trousers though is resale. Pre-used clothing shops in Toronto like Common Sort and Kind Exchange set themselves apart from traditional vintage shops by offering a mix of vintage pieces and more current pre-worn apparel. They will also buy your unwanted clothes and give you cash or store credit on the spot, regardless of whether they’re designer or high street, as long as they’re gently worn and clean.

These are some of the newest additions in my clothing fam. The black lace pieces are from Common Sort that I acquired after a recent trade, the denim jacket is vintage Levi’s and the backpack is from Philistine, and the white shorts and leather skirt are both from Zara.


A Little to the Imagination


The volume and shapes of the clothes we wear will always be more interesting to me than their colours and prints. I could probably spend the rest of my days wearing nothing but black, white, and various shades of grey.


The name of this fashion spread, shot by Scott Trindle as part of New York Times’ T Style Magazine’s Spring Summer issue, is interestingly enough “A Little to the Imagination”. On first look, the styled ensembles are all boxy sleeves, oversized trench coats, and long Amish business skirts. But upon closer inspection, each look reveals conveniently placed cuts and slits, with some pieces literally falling away from the body.


The sexiness is tamed by masculine flat booties and sleek Mandals. Extra points for the perfectly-mussed side combover. I totally used to rock hair like this, except I wasn’t a 5″11 Dumbo-eared alien goddess.

More pics after the jump.

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Plain Jane

_f0c8218_cropI’ve been thinking a lot lately about plainness. Plainness as an attitude and an aesthetic choice. This, along with its closely related cousin, effortlessness, aren’t exactly novel ideas in fashion and beauty. How many hours in this lifetime have we spent preening ourselves in order to look like we only spent minutes? How many times have we encountered a quip in a men’s magazine about a woman looking the most beautiful with messy hair and in a plain white T?

Though the allure of undoneness excludes those not blessed with traditionally accepted looks, it is an allure nonetheless. When much of the mainstream fashion industry is extravagant to a fault, a little calculated simplicity can be extremely powerful, not to mention a huge sigh of relief. And yes, it will be calculated. Fashion, after all, will never not be about appearances. And just because you don’t want to look like you spent two hours getting ready doesn’t mean there’s anything intrinsically wrong with the act itself.
_f0c9785_crop_1These photos, excerpted from Oyster Magazine‘s Beauty Daily for January 2014, are a boyish and seductive take on plainness. Shot by Rene Vaile and styled by Rachel Rutt, the full editorial can be seen after the jump.

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Coachella 2014 – Favourite Looks

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.42.06 PM

Now that the last weekend of Coachella has come and gone, and now that you’ve seen what we might have done differently clothing-wise at Coachella, check out our picks for what people actually wore during the two weekends of Coachella. Be sure to weigh in on your favourite/least favourite looks in the comment section!

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The Pick: Bermuda shorts

large_portrait-9Any fashion fan worth her salt has probably heard of The Gentlewoman. A fashion fan after my own heart probably has a subscription. Each issue of the biannual magazine is filled with inspiring interviews with successful, creative women, and innovative and beautifully-executed editorials. The 2014 spring/summer issue features the iconic British designer and all-around badass female, Vivienne Westwood on its cover. It also had the foresight to include an entire fashion spread on bermuda shorts.

Known to some as culottes’ youthful cousin (ok, maybe just me), the updated bermuda short is a great option for this summer now that everybody is officially sick of the teeny tiny denim cut-offs that, on certain ladies, look more like jean diapers than proper bottoms. If you see the words “bermuda shorts” and immediately think of these monstrosities, you can relax knowing that the current season bermuda shorts are really just shorts that have a slightly lower hemline. Besides, would The Pack ever lead you wrong? (Click for more examples after the jump)

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Hello Sunshine

tumblr_n1xuy0QXED1t1tf6fo1_1280Inspiration comes easy when the sun is warm and the ground is covered with newly-sprouted buds instead of snow. The Pack is really excited about the spring and summer months. Warmer days means better shooting conditions and more opportunity to share our own styling with you guys. Until then, here are a few images that left me with an especially insatiable need for T-shirt weather and long days chillin’ on the Island.

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Current Objects

IMG_20140413_184103 IMG_20140413_184855 IMG_20140413_184946IMG_20140413_185354IMG_20140413_185557Can you appreciate fashion without participating in commerce? There goes a question asked by no one ever. To appreciate beauty is to covet it and at the moment I covet all things Nike / whatever will look chill on my body through a fine layer of mesh.

Top to bottom: lace bra by Talula, transparent clutch from Philistne, Nike sports bra, and Air Force 1s.


Minju Kim

MK 1 MK 2 MK 3 MK 4

Korean designer Minju Kim is a graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and at only 27 years old, she is already well on her way to becoming a prolific force in the fashion world. Her aesthetic is pure fantasy, taking inspiration from horror manga, twisted fairy tales, and her own beautiful sketchbooks. Her designs feature painstaking experiments with unique materials. In her latest collection she melted and twisted rubber into bows that are hand-stitched onto skirts and mini dresses. Her playfulness with proportions, texture, and colour is elevated by these intricacies. She has already won H&M’s 2013 Design Award and was chosen as a semi-finalist in the LVMH Young Designer Prize competition showing her collection in Paris during the AW2014 shows. She was most recently commissioned to design a frock in homage to Minnie Mouse for Antwerp’s Fashion Museum. Follow Minju Kim’s instagram for a regular stream of the designer’s special brand of visionary escapism.

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Things We’d Rather Wear at Coachella

Not trying to sip on the haterade, but festival style is exhausting to look at. Not only do the clothes have that birthed-from-Urban Outfitters-&-F21 feel, they literally make my eyes feel tired after focusing for too long. I’m still trying to figure out what’s so inspiring about an outfit that can be pieced together in under 20 minutes at the mall. And also why anyone would wear a leather jacket/suede boots/sweater vests in +40 degrees of desert heat.

Never one to dwell too long on negative ish, The Pack spent some time thinking about what we’d rather wear if we all of a sudden came upon a lot of inheritance cash and a newfound love of indie rock bandz. Here are our picks:ErinWassonbyAnnemariekevanDrimmelen28BeforeSunrise-Rika238Spring-Summer2013292_zps1a970c67 tumblr_muf1p7N6571r09f27o1_500 tumblr_mvrv9poESd1s9ey6bo1_1280 image007bb

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