Copy Cat


Chanel’s giant pearl chokers are the statement neck bling of the season. You heard it here first, guys. Just look at how quickly Zara’s manufactured an inferior copy! The ethics of fast fashion copies make me a little bit queasy, but obviously not queasy enough to abstain from buying said copycats. Not all of us are millionaire pop princesses or uppity movie stars so shout out to Zara for constructing an under-$30 accessory that’s vaguely reminiscent of the Chanel original, but not too much to get Mr. Lagerfeld’s tie in a bunch. Available for a very limited time—the only reason why I even have one is because I put myself on a waitlist. For Zara. Yeah, let that sink in for a sec.

lindsey-wixson-sasha-luss-chanel-2014-campaign-4-e1389016881451chanel-ss2014-details-079_110024303603Pics via Chanel

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