Plain Jane

_f0c8218_cropI’ve been thinking a lot lately about plainness. Plainness as an attitude and an aesthetic choice. This, along with its closely related cousin, effortlessness, aren’t exactly novel ideas in fashion and beauty. How many hours in this lifetime have we spent preening ourselves in order to look like we only spent minutes? How many times have we encountered a quip in a men’s magazine about a woman looking the most beautiful with messy hair and in a plain white T?

Though the allure of undoneness excludes those not blessed with traditionally accepted looks, it is an allure nonetheless. When much of the mainstream fashion industry is extravagant to a fault, a little calculated simplicity can be extremely powerful, not to mention a huge sigh of relief. And yes, it will be calculated. Fashion, after all, will never not be about appearances. And just because you don’t want to look like you spent two hours getting ready doesn’t mean there’s anything intrinsically wrong with the act itself.
_f0c9785_crop_1These photos, excerpted from Oyster Magazine‘s Beauty Daily for January 2014, are a boyish and seductive take on plainness. Shot by Rene Vaile and styled by Rachel Rutt, the full editorial can be seen after the jump.

boy1 boy2 boy3 boy4 boy5 boy6 boy7All images via Oyster Mag


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