A Little to the Imagination


The volume and shapes of the clothes we wear will always be more interesting to me than their colours and prints. I could probably spend the rest of my days wearing nothing but black, white, and various shades of grey.


The name of this fashion spread, shot by Scott Trindle as part of New York Times’ T Style Magazine’s Spring Summer issue, is interestingly enough “A Little to the Imagination”. On first look, the styled ensembles are all boxy sleeves, oversized trench coats, and long Amish business skirts. But upon closer inspection, each look reveals conveniently placed cuts and slits, with some pieces literally falling away from the body.


The sexiness is tamed by masculine flat booties and sleek Mandals. Extra points for the perfectly-mussed side combover. I totally used to rock hair like this, except I wasn’t a 5″11 Dumbo-eared alien goddess.

More pics after the jump.

megan-thompson-by-scott-trindle-for-the-new-york-times-t-style-magazine-spring-summer-2014-1 megan-thompson-by-scott-trindle-for-the-new-york-times-t-style-magazine-spring-summer-2014-5 megan-thompson-by-scott-trindle-for-the-new-york-times-t-style-magazine-spring-summer-2014-3 13design-qual-sexy-slide-JCQJ-jumbo 13design-qual-sexy-slide-JUJV-jumbo 13design-qual-sexy-slide-N4Y5-jumbo 13design-qual-sexy-slide-KEBZ-jumbo

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