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03My quest to replace every coloured item in my wardrobe with black or white pieces continues. As someone with a limited amount of closet space  who shops for clothes more often than buying groceries, it’s incredibly important to me to find a sustainable way of getting rid of items I no longer wear. Clothing swaps with friends and donating to Goodwill or Salvation Army are both great options. [As a sidenote, I try to avoid donating my outgrown and outloved clothes to Value Village because they are a for-profit chain that only donates approximately 10% of its profits to charities, while doing everything within their power to deceive the public into thinking they’re a non-profit.]

By far the most economic way of finding a new home for my unwanted floral skirts and high-waisted trousers though is resale. Pre-used clothing shops in Toronto like Common Sort and Kind Exchange set themselves apart from traditional vintage shops by offering a mix of vintage pieces and more current pre-worn apparel. They will also buy your unwanted clothes and give you cash or store credit on the spot, regardless of whether they’re designer or high street, as long as they’re gently worn and clean.

These are some of the newest additions in my clothing fam. The black lace pieces are from Common Sort that I acquired after a recent trade, the denim jacket is vintage Levi’s and the backpack is from Philistine, and the white shorts and leather skirt are both from Zara.


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