Hyères 2014


The 29th annual Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography just took place over this past weekend at the historic Villa Noailles in Hyères, France. The festival marks the annual showcase of some of the most forward-thinking talent in fashion . This year, with a jury headed by the powerhouse visionaries Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the competition’s 2014 hashtagged motto was especially true: all eyes were on Hyères. Of a total of 312 entrants from 55 countries, 45 semi-finalists and 10 total finalists were in the running for Hyères’ grand prize.  Late yesterday word broke that Japanese designer Kenta Matsushige had won the Grand Prix  du Jury Première Vison. Take a look at his winning collection and inspiring designs from the other finalists after the cut…


(photos via wearethefrontier)

Kenta Matsushige

H - KM

2014 Hyères Grand Prix winner Kenta Matsushige describes his collection as aimingto be urban and modern whilst respecting hinabi, pastoral beauty, which is in opposition to miyabi, urban beauty.”

//photos via: ozon

Liselore Frowijn

H - LF1

H - LF

Liselore Frowijn’s designs are for women with a curiosity for the world and her secrets. As the designer herself, they are explorers in heart and soul; always searching for the perfect balance between aestheticism and imperfection.”

//photos via: liselorefrowijn.com

Pablo Henrard

H - PH

H - PH2

Belgian designer Pablo Henrard’s Maelstrom collection “is built around the crossing between a mystic dimension, a classic wardrobe and a young and urban attitude.”

//photos via: pablohenrard.com

Marit Ilison

H - MI

Estonian designer and conceptual artist Marit Ilison has been outspoken about the unsustainability of the fashion industry. She describes the importance of her design process in an age of over-consumption: “I like creating feelings – be it an act of wearing a dress or experiencing a site-specific installation- because feelings are the only things that can’t be taken away in our hyper-materialistic world. I see my garments as good friends who stay around for a long time.”

//photos via: maritilison.com

Anne Kluytenaar

H - AK2

H - AK

Inspired by her father’s decision to live life as a woman and classic Chanel suiting, designer Anne Kluytenaar describes her work as “always about the interest of what defines male or female when it comes to clothing. This one particularly about what female proportions do on a man.”

//photos via: iconic.o & volt cafe

Coralie Marabelle

H - CM

H - CM2

Coralie Marabelle‘s collection was inspiredfrom a picture of persian sheep shearers in 1952. Inspired by a very masculine outfit, I dreamt of a very feminine woman.”

//photos via: redmilkmagazine

Agnese Narnicka

H - AN

Agnese Narnicka on her design inspiration: “The soul of my garments belongs to people which I meet. Their stories! I gain my inspiration from strange looking characters in different real life situations”

//photos via: an imaginary

Louis-Gabriel Nouchi 

H - LGN2


In Louis-Gabriel Nouchi‘s collection “each garment is a patchwork of a dozen different pieces and functions according to its own logic whilst insisting they form a coherent whole.”

//photos via: U+Mag

Roshi Porkar

H - RP

H - RP2

Roshi Porkar‘s collection “is based on a series of small, 4000-year-old female stone statuettes known as the ‘Bactrian Princesses'”

//photos via: 13 Festival

Yulia Yefimtchuk 

H - YY

Yulia Yefimtchuk’s ready-to-wear womenswear label is ‘for individuals undeterred by the concrete nature of life’s realities.”

//photos via: weareselecters

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