Thomas Tait Wins LVMH Prize

12-12-08.rebecca04 copyThomas-Tait-sketchbook-500x351Thomas-Taittumblr_mzev213IkS1rn12fjo1_1280Congratulations to Montreal-raised Thomas Tait for winning the prestigious LVMH Prize for Young Designers! Catch up on this year’s finalists, and who Tait beat, in our earlier coverage here.

The technically gifted avant-garde designer wins a cash prize of 300,000 euros and a year-long mentorship at the luxury goods giant. The two runner-ups, Hood By Air and Miuniku, were each awarded 100,000 euros. A jury made up of some of the biggest names in contemporary ready-to-wear, including Pack favourites Phoebe Philo, Riccardo Tisci, and Raf Simons, chose Tait from a bevy of young international talent. Check out Tait’s post-win interview with The Business of Fashion here.


Business Casual

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Out of all the uniquely interesting (not to mention, impossibly gorgeous ❤ ) women of The Pack, I am quite possibly the most conservative. No, this is not me outing myself as a card-carrying member of the Tea Party. But as a trouser-wearing, pinstripe-adoring, still-into-blazers kinda woman, my personal style quite frequently veers into the realm of the 9-to-5er. I ain’t even ashamed of it though. I’ve learned through years of negotiating my style through predictable workplace dress codes that there is a way of doing business casual without channeling the Talbots catalogue, and it probably looks a lot like this editorial.

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Styled by Anne-Sophie Thomas (a frequent Jalouse contributor) and photographed by Daniel Thomas Smith for L’Officiel Paris‘s April 2014 issue, the understated spread features all the mainstays of conservative dressing—oxford shirts, trench coats, pantsuits—minus the dowdy, pulled-too-tight look. Model Jordan van der Vyver’s youthful face and suggestively messy locks obviously help. But the key to looking polished but not prissy is all about subverting expectation.

31 32 33 34

Temper the rigidity of a monochrome pant suit with a pair of super drapey, voluminous trousers. Take the snootiness out of a trench coat by pairing it with Adidas kicks. Or if you’re feeling extra saucy, wear a classic pinstriped shirt strategically unbuttoned way too close to your under-cleavage.

OK, maybe save that for outside the office.

However you end up interpreting this style, it’s important (and a blessing!) to note that you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort for any of it.

37 36 35

Shout out to Alexander Wang for making those perfect white pumps.

On the Verge

openingpicsopeningpics1Last week, Parsons New School of Design held its 66th annual fashion benefit show. Aside from honouring some pretty big names in American fashion, like Jason Wu and Hugo Boss, the benefit also hosted the thesis collections of its 2014 graduating class. Since The Pack is all about showing love to emerging new talent, obviously we were excited to scope out the best of the best from the U.S.’s most prestigious fashion design school. Click after the jump for pics of some of my favourite grad collections, as well as the winners of the Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year Awards.

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Punkt8It’s often hard to pinpoint the origins of obscure editorials one stumbles upon during late night tumblr binges. You know how it goes. It’s 2am, you should really be sleeping, and some exquisite photo strikes you that’s been endlessly re-tumbled and shared without credit. You surrender and simply *heart* the pic, wondering for too long about who the stylist and photographer were, where the rest of the photos are, why you’re not sleeping when you have to be up in a mere three hours… And then there are those special times when a kindhearted internet kid links you to the source of an amazingly styled spread. Such was my luck in being linked to newish Milan-based online magazine PUNKT. I forget how I finally got there, but I know it was thanks to some kindred fashion nerd who knew the importance of web citations. ❤

Neighbourhood Watch





solo spread5It’s the first long weekend of the semi-warm season. So I took advantage of the gorgeous sunlight and Parkdale’s natural scenery and pranced in front of a camera in all white everything. Wearing Zara leather skirt and pearl choker, thrifted mesh top, Talula lace bralet, Nike slippers, and vintage backpack and anorak. All photos taken by Eric Davis.


Nadja Bender for SSAW


In the grand scheme of things, Helsinki’s bi-annual SSAW magazine is a relative newcomer in the high-end European fashion magazine market. But since launching in 2012, the publication has already earned props as a photographer’s mecca, each collectible issue packed with artfully shot images and thoughtful editorials.

“Nadja on a Bender” might be a little on-the-nose, but it is in name only. The boozy eight-page spread features plenty of copy-worthy ensembles, including a killer iridescent top and skirt set, some Babysitters’ Club-inspired patchwork jeans, and a show-stopping satin bomber. The star of the photo spread, however, is the only item that appears in every photo—the Nike shower shoes. Much like the updated Birkenstock, the shower shoe (Nike or Adidas) has really got that 90s-inspired cozy luxury thing down, and will likely be the only footwear I wear all summer. This means it’ll officially be the first summer since I hit puberty that my feet won’t be covered in blisters. Scooore.








In the clear

lve aesthetics white showstudio Ruby-Rose-2.nocrop.w1800.h1330 58d35f53777450753499836962fdff7f

I’m feeling pretty nutty about transparent clothing these days. There’s an obvious sensuality to seeing a second layer of clothing underneath a completely transparent top layer. With very little or no pigment of its own, garments created from perspex, organza, and clear vinyl are the epitome of minimalist style. And on a beautiful day like today, there’s absolutely no reason to cover yourself in opaque materials.

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Rear Window Aesthetic

resized rear window - grace kelly - swooping
I’ve watched Hitchcock’s Rear Window more times than I’d like to admit. My obsession has more to do with Grace Kelly’s clothes in the film than anything else. I’ve spent hours pouring over analyses of Edith Head’s costuming in film since I first saw the infamous close-up of Kelly leaning in to wake the incapacitated Jimmy Stewart with a kiss. The story that follows is that of Lisa Freemont and LB Jefferies, “a beautiful young girl and a reasonably healthy young man,” as his nurse Stella calls them. The very Hitchcockian tale unfolds into how a menial fixation with observing his neighbours while healing a broken leg, spirals into a suspenseful mystery.

I’ve never thought much of the gender dynamics in the film, because 1954, but for some reason last night I got to stewing.

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