Moschino by Nicki

The Pack loves having our smart and opinionated girlfriends share their thoughts on fashion here, and I personally could listen to Lauren Mitchell riff on rap all day. This is her second post on hip hop fashion . You can find her first one here.

moschino-logoMoschino is one of those labels that gets shit on by plenty of fashion reviewers/critics, and you know, part of me gets that. They mad corny, at times tacky, at times so tacky it’s almost gauche. But for me, when they hit it, they hit it hard. And I think a lot of that has to do with who is wearing their stuff. The person, in my mind, that looks best in Moschino is Nicki Minaj. She looks like she was meant to be covered in the gold iteration of the logo, holding a purse that looks like an order of McDonald’s fries.winter-outfits-for-school-2014delhi-style-blog--moschino-autumn-winter-2014-jeremy-scott-qgb6yf4lMoschino has such a hip hop aesthetic, I watch their runway shows and spend the whole time wishing it was just like, Nicki, Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, and Kelis stomping down the runway, serving hip hop like no model ever has/could/will. Maybe Jeremy Scott will figure that shit out. Maybe in order to do so he should definitely watch the video for “Senile”, a track featuring Nicki, Tyga, and Lil Wayne, all going hard (though none of them harder than our girl Nicki) over a pretty sparse, outer space type beat. 

On top of the fact that Nick drops the hottest verse on this track, she is also the most interesting/mesmerizing part of the video, and is dressed in two looks from the most recent Moschino collection. Now, I am not here to get into any sort of fucked up body shaming type garbage, but people, level with me, I pretty much only wanna see Nicki’s sweet, sweet booty filling out all Moschino forever, end of story. That black, leather two piece outfit looks like it was custom made for her, and probably no one else should try and touch the mens-underwear inspired bra and panties set, cause blinged out with a bandana was exactly what it needed and y’all should step off.blackleatherbrapantiesIn an ideal world, I would get to style Nicki for every video she ever made, but instead, I’m just gonna play pretend stylist here with you instead.

The four things I am DYING to see Nicki in from the Moschino Fall/Winter 2014-15 Ready to Wear collection are as follows:

mcdsbathrobeTHE FUCKING MCDONALD’S BATHROBE. Who else is going to wear this? Maybe the better question is, who can wear this and make it look in any way appropriate for whatever it is they are doing? Nicki. It’s just Nicki. If her next video featured her wearing this while lounging on a yacht somewhere and having hot dudes serve her McDonald’s while she drinks champagne, well, I would probably watch that shit on repeat until the end of time.blueleatherThe blue, quilted pantsuit (yeah I’m calling it a pantsuit) would be so so dope on her. I feel like this is actually a real casual Nicki outfit. Like she might wear it while she was telling her personal assistant what she wants from Whole Foods or maybe put a collared shirt under that jacket and wear it to church on Easter Sunday. WHO KNOWS. The possibilities really are endless, but it ALWAYS needs to be worn with the gold accessories. ALWAYS.blackchannelThis black, Chanel inspired, black skirt and jacket combo with the gold braid trim is what I imagine Nicki would wear to her office job in a parallel universe where her and I lived each other’s lives. Wait, is this an amazing script idea? Probably, definitely yeah. I mean, I would watch the fuck out of it. Clearly.bondage,blackFinally, the all black, belt-bondage dress, ensconced with the Moschino logo in gold – I mean, do I really have to explain myself? This can be the other thing she wears in the above mentioned yacht/McDonald’s music video. I mean, it really seems crazy that someone hasn’t already hired me to style/direct/conceptualize all of her videos.

Call me Nicki. I’m here for you.

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