In the clear

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I’m feeling pretty nutty about transparent clothing these days. There’s an obvious sensuality to seeing a second layer of clothing underneath a completely transparent top layer. With very little or no pigment of its own, garments created from perspex, organza, and clear vinyl are the epitome of minimalist style. And on a beautiful day like today, there’s absolutely no reason to cover yourself in opaque materials.

Amada-Norgaard-Jonas-Bresnan-TANK-Magazine-02 Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.26.06 PM 7-Sheer-Skirts103 _mg_2070_cropped perspex-nails 13beauty_daily_mary_brydie_4 tumblr_mu5qp3u1YA1qgcec6o1_500 973d4d286762de486d3abbec07051325-621x414 clearwinnersrunwayinspiration6 clearwinnersrunwayinspiration20 clearwinnersrunwayinspiration11 01b294d03e312b769550248b7d3cbd7b 2013-fashion-new-mid-long-skirt-sexy-punk-style-black-Transparent-g-yarns-fake-two-layersImages via love-aesthetics,, Vogue, Tank magazine, Oyster magazine, low classic, and tumblr. 

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