Nadja Bender for SSAW


In the grand scheme of things, Helsinki’s bi-annual SSAW magazine is a relative newcomer in the high-end European fashion magazine market. But since launching in 2012, the publication has already earned props as a photographer’s mecca, each collectible issue packed with artfully shot images and thoughtful editorials.

“Nadja on a Bender” might be a little on-the-nose, but it is in name only. The boozy eight-page spread features plenty of copy-worthy ensembles, including a killer iridescent top and skirt set, some Babysitters’ Club-inspired patchwork jeans, and a show-stopping satin bomber. The star of the photo spread, however, is the only item that appears in every photo—the Nike shower shoes. Much like the updated Birkenstock, the shower shoe (Nike or Adidas) has really got that 90s-inspired cozy luxury thing down, and will likely be the only footwear I wear all summer. This means it’ll officially be the first summer since I hit puberty that my feet won’t be covered in blisters. Scooore.








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