On the Verge

openingpicsopeningpics1Last week, Parsons New School of Design held its 66th annual fashion benefit show. Aside from honouring some pretty big names in American fashion, like Jason Wu and Hugo Boss, the benefit also hosted the thesis collections of its 2014 graduating class. Since The Pack is all about showing love to emerging new talent, obviously we were excited to scope out the best of the best from the U.S.’s most prestigious fashion design school. Click after the jump for pics of some of my favourite grad collections, as well as the winners of the Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year Awards.

Benji Pengparsonsgrads

Carlota Salvadores Calero
(finalist for Parsons’and Kering’s “Empowering Imagination” award)parsonsgrads2

Hye Gin Hamm
(finalist for Parsons’and Kering’s “Empowering Imagination” award)parsonsgrads3

Inseop Geum
(finalist for Parsons’and Kering’s “Empowering Imagination” award)parsonsgrads4

Krystsian Sinkevichkrystsina sinkevich_linesheet

Jennifer ChoparsonsgradsB

Sarah HoopesparsonsgradsB2

Jack BurnsparsonsgradsB3

Victoria Hayes
(Womenswear Designer of the Year award; finalist for Parsons’and Kering’s “Empowering Imagination” competition)parsonsgradsB4

Ximon Lee
(Menswear Designer of the Year award, finalist for Parsons’and Kering’s “Empowering Imagination” competition)

Wenqi WuparsonsgradsC1

Young Ji Cho
(finalist for Parsons’and Kering’s “Empowering Imagination” award)parsonsgradsC2

All images via Parsons the New School of Design

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