Business Casual

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Out of all the uniquely interesting (not to mention, impossibly gorgeous ❤ ) women of The Pack, I am quite possibly the most conservative. No, this is not me outing myself as a card-carrying member of the Tea Party. But as a trouser-wearing, pinstripe-adoring, still-into-blazers kinda woman, my personal style quite frequently veers into the realm of the 9-to-5er. I ain’t even ashamed of it though. I’ve learned through years of negotiating my style through predictable workplace dress codes that there is a way of doing business casual without channeling the Talbots catalogue, and it probably looks a lot like this editorial.

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Styled by Anne-Sophie Thomas (a frequent Jalouse contributor) and photographed by Daniel Thomas Smith for L’Officiel Paris‘s April 2014 issue, the understated spread features all the mainstays of conservative dressing—oxford shirts, trench coats, pantsuits—minus the dowdy, pulled-too-tight look. Model Jordan van der Vyver’s youthful face and suggestively messy locks obviously help. But the key to looking polished but not prissy is all about subverting expectation.

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Temper the rigidity of a monochrome pant suit with a pair of super drapey, voluminous trousers. Take the snootiness out of a trench coat by pairing it with Adidas kicks. Or if you’re feeling extra saucy, wear a classic pinstriped shirt strategically unbuttoned way too close to your under-cleavage.

OK, maybe save that for outside the office.

However you end up interpreting this style, it’s important (and a blessing!) to note that you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort for any of it.

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Shout out to Alexander Wang for making those perfect white pumps.

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