Budget-Friendly Favourites


I’m not gonna lie to you. The life of a part-time blogger, save for a few elites, is not really about $3000 python bags and all-you-can-eat macarons. Many of us have to rely on our creativity to look good and au courant. This means that from time to time, the modestly-salaried fashion aficionado might choose to partake in Goodwill thrifting, DIY, stalking the sale rack at luxury department stores, ordering from cheap e-commerce sites based in Shenzhen, and, yes, fast fashion.


Fast fashion brands like Zara and Asos, when indulged in moderation and chosen wisely, can give your wardrobe what it needs to look fresh. All you need is a couple of pieces each season. In fact, refrain from buying more than the recommended amount. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a closet full of floral shirts you never wear because you realized you no longer want to look like a botanical garden 24/7. This definitely happened to me.


These are some of my favourite acquisitions this season. The pink jacket is by Zara and comes in the most subdued shade of pink, and is thus perfect. If there is a better jacket for the weather in Toronto right now, I haven’t found it. The cropped white trousers, also by Zara, embodies everything I love about the cozy, baggy silhouettes that have dominated the runways for much of the past year, and still manages to exude some sexy in the form of exposed ankles. Bonus points for the fact that they look nearly identical to a pair of linen capris I had when I was 16. Fashion is a flat circle.


Footwear-wise, I’m apparently obsessed with track soles right now. The 90s-inspired platform lace-ups are from Pixie Market, and despite their vertiginous appearance, are miraculously immune to wobble and only slightly uncomfortable. The white TEVA-inspired sandals are from Blink and look best paired with matching white gym socks. And this sexy but slightly Magic Eye-inducing skirt comes courtesy of Asos.com. I prefer to wear it with something frumpier and less shapely on top in order to achieve a more interesting shape.

Untitled-5Images via asos.com, Zara, and pixiemarket.

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