Future of Menswear

Another month, another super entertaining post on hip hop and style by The Pack’s favourite comedian, Lauren Mitchell. This is her first post on menswear in a rap video. You can find her posts on what Nicki and J. Lo wore in their vids here and here.

I feel some kinda way about Future. Like, some kinda sexual way. I mean, I feel a whole lotta sexual ways about Future, to be real, and really, who among you is gonna step up and disagree? The dude is just naturally supermodel good looking. On some Tyrese shit. But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. I’ve come back to talk about the beautiful clothes with which Future is adorning his even more beautiful body.


Early on in his career Future dressed like most other rappers: sports paraphernalia, a borderline tacky amount of jewellery, and expensive sneakers. But in the last couple of years (read: in the time that he has been making what I imagine is SWEET SWEET love to Ciara, my god won’t someone please release that sex tape already) his style has gotten out of control. Every shot of him and Ciara at Milan Fashion Week, specifically the two of them looking so incredibly sleek and minimalistic at the Calvin Klein show, are stunning. They exude hip hop while wearing what is pretty atypical in terms of what is considered stylistically relevant within the genre. I mean, clearly we have Kanye to thank for a huge part of this trend, but Kanye has neither the cheekbones nor the powerhouse wife to match (don’t get me wrong, Kim K is fine as fuck, BUT SHE IS NO CIARA, YA HEAR?). On top of which, it’s interesting, I think, that Future’s style has evolved this way fairly early on in his career. Guys like Kanye and Diddy took a while to find their places within high fashion, and while it took Future’s style time to evolve, he seemed to have arrived at this point quicker and much more effortlessly.

Which brings me to the meat of our discussion, my friends. The video for what is my personal favourite song off of Honest: “Blood, Sweat, Tears”. Do you wanna see a beautifully shot video of a gorgeous man, wearing expensive and amazing clothes? Guess what? All your dreams are about to come true. This video prompted a discussion between my sister and I about several things: why isn’t Future a professional model, seriously though do you think that sex tape is coming out, how is his hair SO GOOD, and is it at all appropriate for my sister to wear Timbs on the regular (and not like, J. Lo Timbs, but the Timbs Future is wearing in this video). We never came to an overwhelming conclusion on any of these things, but we sure did watch the video on repeat that evening.

Probably my favourite thing about the styling of this video is how simple it is. He is essentially only wearing two outfits the whole time (I am not counting the glimpse we get of the red one towards the end but good lord would I like to see the whole thing) and everything he is wearing is deceptively simple. All of the detailing is very subtle: the distressed bottom hem of the white t-shirt, the shine on the black jacket; this is a man that wears leather like no other. Future is a perfect example of someone who is good at wearing clothes, and not letting them wear him. I mean, it says something that my sister and I spent a good long time talking about his hair before we moved onto anything else. The man also wears jewellery in a way that most other rappers don’t. The first time I watched the video I thought, man it’s crazy that he’s not wearing that much, but on second (who am I kidding, MULTIPLE) viewings I noticed that he is in fact, wearing quite a lot, but again, not letting it overpower him. But really, HOW YOU GONNA OVERPOWER THAT JAWLINE?? Short answer, you’re not.


I am interested to see where he takes his style throughout the rest of his career, but like, seriously, if anyone has any hot tips about the possibility of a Future/Ciara sex tape please DM me on Twitter.

Images via Vibe, necolebitchie, and Vevo

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