Abstract Parallel


Full disclosure: his handwriting is carved into my arm forever. Much of the visual culture I consume gets me rolling back to his work. Cy Twombly came to me via my attempts to tag Toronto in my late teens and early twenties. Freely scrawled, abstract and discomforting to critics, his paintings overwhelm in the best way with massive canvas and repetition. Some sects of graffiti worship him; I’m of that camp.

Wading into Resort a few days late this season, I found myself frantically clicking through the shows, picturing October me, or maybe January-on-a-trip me. I see so much, but strangely, I see Cy.

There’s enough reviewing going on. So, welcome, angels—something a little different. Be my brain guest through the shows on a visual journey, via Twombly.

Layout 1


Layout 1

Layout 1


Work by Cy Twombly
From Quattro Stagioni, Part II, Estate, 1993-4
Apollo, 1975
Rue Vieille du Temple, 1981

Photos courtesy of Paule Ka, Jenny Packham, Nonoo, Thom Browne, Tomas Maier, DKNY, Ralph Rucci, Marios Schwab, Co, style.com and Christian Dior

Layout design by aerielist

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