The Line of Best Fit


grocer2 copyWearing: Zara white leather skirt and pink anorak, Durumi mesh button down, AA jelly shoes

Apparently there is a way to get ready in the morning in under 30 minutes and still look fresh as a pearl. Simply accumulate a collection of white clothing in a variety of fabrics, thoughtfully combine, repeat. No doubt this has been my M.O. all summer, and because of this I feel I may have robbed you, my devoted readers, of a dazzling array of ensembles in every colour of the rainbow. But what my outfits lack in colour, they more than make up for in fabric selection. Today’s look was brought to you by the materials leather, PVC jelly, and some form of stiff perforated cotton that feels and hangs like a burlap sack. Ideal for chilling in the cracker isle.

Photos by Eric Davis

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