Ksenia Schnaider / Veronica Vasicka


I stumbled upon Ukranian designer Ksenia Schnaider’s SS2014 collection on the same night as I went to see Veronica Vasicka play the Edward Day Gallery for NXNE and found it to be a bit of a serendipitous click. Ksenia Schnaider’s Spring/Summer aesthetic is simple and clinical, titled “Protection” and referencing the defensive utility of uniforms. They describe their designs as simple, conscious, and timeless, aiming to last its wearers years instead of mere seasons. I saved links to KS’ apron-cut looks and ran off to dance to Veronica Vasicka’s impeccable selections all night. Vasicka is the founder of Minimal Wave Records, the label under which she re-issues and unearths previously unreleased synth acts from the 80s and helms a large part of the art direction and design.  She also manages Cititrax where she releases contemporary electronic artists. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and life-long crate digger, Vasicka’s output is the culmination of her love of underground subcultures of the 80s and classic minimal new wave design ideals. In my head her selections soundtrack Ksenia Schnaider’s minimal designs.













(photos via Ksenia Schnaider / Minimal Wave Records)

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