Vice Island a.k.a. Sea of Babes






nxne2bWearing vintage kimono & backpack, Nike sports bra, Champion bike shorts, & Blink sandals

This past weekend was NXNE in the city, and as usual I scheduled to do/see way too much in 4 very short days with little consideration of kinda important things like eating and sleeping. As a result, I missed several acts that I was dying to see (still don’t wanna talk about the fact that I missed Kelela…twice). But nothing will take away from my first day of NXNE, during which I saw Le1f, Omar Souleyman, and Pusha T, all while chilling on Toronto Island among friends, summertime foliage, and unlimited free liquor. As part of Vice magazine’s annual NXNE party, the event was free to get in and the best one yet, possibly of all time. I have a hard time imagining any future party rivalling one during which I got to chill with hero, Le1f, and was told by said hero that my outfit was fly. Between sets I snapped pics of other flyly-dressed and cigarettes-adorned girls and boys—shout out to Nike—and picked a few favourites for ye olde blog. I love how most of these “festival outfits” look so unfestival-like. Must be a Toronto thing.

Images by aerielist & Lauren Mitchell

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