In the interest of sharing my super fascinating (not really) sartorial life with you, it’s time for yet another instalment of “Look at my shit”. I know this probably comes as a huge shock to you, but all three of my current favourite items are white and/or colourless. Summer is sprinting past us and I don’t really feel like wasting valuable park-beers time cooped up in my closet trying to coordinate prints or colours.

The first has become like second skin to me. But only because of how often I wear it, and not because the fabric is made from actual human skin. This thrifted summer anorak is lightweight, semi-transparent, and with just the right amount of shower curtain feel that I require in a lot of my favourite clothes. Sometimes if it’s especially hot and I’m feeling especially defiant of the catcalling males out there, I’ll wear it as a dress.


Speaking of shower curtain feel, I scored this shimmery number last weekend at the Jeremy Laing sample sale. Laing is probably my favourite Canadian ever, so being able to own one of his creations was both meaningful and guilt-inducing (sample sale or not, it was still probably more than I can afford on a modest publishing salary). Taken from the line’s Spring Summer 2014 collection, this boxy Tshirt/dress was a favourite from the moment I saw it on the runways till the moment I held the garment between my fingers. The subtle sheen from the industrial material gives it a dreamy 90s raver vibe, and looks great paired with my various all white ensembles and tight mini-buns. It’s also unisex, which explains why my boyfriend’s been eyeing it adoringly all week.


My mom dressed me until I was 12 years old, and she didn’t really “get” JuJus so I sadly never got to wear these fun foot friends during the 90s. Some might say that my love is therefore purer than the nostalgia-tinged love of my fashionable peers. Who even cares? What’s important is that these are super comfortable, 100% recyclable (my inner environmentalist is stoked!), looks cooler-than-you paired with Nike socks, and the extra height makes me look slightly less prepubescent. Although seeing as how I’m wearing 90s Gwen Stefani mini-buns with a mini backpack and jelly shoes, I might be beyond help.

You can cop it right now at American Apparel in pretty much any colour of the rainbow. But white is definitely superior.

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