Tessa Edwards

“It seems everyone is saying ‘FYI I’m well dressed and on trend, like a celeb, desirable’.  I think that’s boring as fuck.”TE2
After becoming acquainted with the work of Tessa Edwards through the excellent 1 Granary magazine, I think the designer’s above quote might best translate her creative mantra. Edwards’ treatise on the collapsing state of the consumerist fashion industry sets the context upon which her collections are based. She focuses on breaking down the inflated hollowness of our consumerist selves by creating pieces which serve to enrich one’s true identify; leaving space for a woman to communicate who they really are and what they are really interested in. Each of her designs feature three interchangeable parts: a foundation piece from her ‘Genesis’ line paired with components from her ‘Nexus’ and ‘Astral’ lines. The complexity and interchangeability of her designs serve to elevate her pieces beyond trend-led fashion as she wishes to free women from what she terms the “suffocating grasp of the fast image industry.” Edwards’ work is defiant, political, and rife with mystique. Visit her website (note: music plays automatically, which is usually grrrrr, but here it’s quite good) and read her interview in 1 Granary to creep even further into her creative process.TE1  TE3 TE4.   


download download2Stockholm: land of impossibly gorgeous blonde bombshells and stupidly-tanned Scandinavian hunks. Maybe it’s the cold Nordic chill or maybe it’s because they’re just so goddamn good looking, but Scandinavian style has long been synonymous with polished minimalism with a hint of edge. This elegant yet practical, no fuss attitude was evident both outside the shows and on the runways during this week’s Stockholm Fashion Week. Since the fall shows for the SS 2015 collections are just around the corner in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, we thought we’d give you a pleasantly understated treat and whet your appetite for what will surely be an insane(ly awesome) month ahead.

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Subconscious Obsession: CK

ck1 ck2 ck3 ck4 ck5 ck6 ck7No person with even a quasi interest in fashion can escape the boomerang popularity of 90s’ Calvin Klein gear right now. If you have Instagram, you’ve probably seen your favourite bloggers and celebs partake in the #mycalvins social media campaign by posting cheeky photos of themselves in CK’s classic logo bra and tighty whities. (Helloooooo Kendal Jenner!) While I am usually quite wary of mega-Trends in fashion (remember peplums?), the classic CK logo, whether it’s decorating your most lived-in sweatshirt from childhood, or peaking out seductively under a low cut tank, really speaks to my interests. As a child of the 90s, it’s pretty much a given that I’d be drawn to nostalgia-laden symbols and logos from the era. As a lover of menswear, I dig the discreet sexiness of the men’s briefs-inspired underwear set, especially underneath a sheer top. Plus, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to wear soft cotton underwear and cozy sweatshirts through the fall. My comfort and my inner thighs thank you, Calvin. ❤

Images via WhoWhatWear, Harper’s Bazaar, Calvin Klein, & style.com



Resort Trend Watch: Fringe


Fringe and tassel details gave Resort looks a weird contemporary cowboy influence that falls in line with the wild west styles that designers have been pushing on us for a while now. From long streaming skirts to tasseled accents and fringed arm-spans, the trend might seem best suited to resorts in New Mexico, but I’m excited to see more of it happening here at home. I want that Chloe blouse (pictured above) more than most things right now and need to find a tasseled mini skirt asap.

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Toujours Fidèle x The Pack


Back in the beginning of June, The Pack was invited to collaborate on a jointly-conceived photoshoot with Toronto eco-friendly womenswear label, Toujours x Fidèle, Due to a combination of day jobs, timing, and IRL responsibilities, we’ve had to let most of the summer go by before revealing the results of our first brand collaboration. It certainly wasn’t easy to keep mum on what we all believe to be some pretty dope shots. But as people older and wiser than us have said, the best things in life are worth waiting for.


In the interest of not overwhelming you with all of the stunningness, we’ve separated the looks into three parts. Part one, seen here, is our spotlight on the beautiful makeup conceived by Toujours x Fidèle founder and creative director, Amy Jenine Wong, and executed by the talented Kay Zhang. Inspired by high fashion editorials, the playful appeal of freckles, and our shared love of white, the final looks were also very much in line with Toujours x Fidèle’s brand of fashion forward techniques and youthful charm.

IMG_5731Stay tuned for the full shoot, as well as an in-dept look at the women behind the brand, coming up real soon! Seriously.

All images by Benjamin Telford