Introducing…VFiles 2015

hamm5 Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 9 zddz4

We were so amped on what came out of VFiles’ FW’14 collections, of course The Pack is ready and set for VFiles Made Fashion SS’15. Yesterday they released the names of the four designers who will fill the coveted spots in the collective’s NYFW show. Last year’s designers ASSK, Hyein Seo and Melitta Baumeister have seen incredible growth in their lines since being featured in VFiles. They can all say bad bitches like Rihanna and CL rep their pieces—not a bad place to be for their first years out of design school.

Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 13 hamm4 Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 4 dttk5

This season’s crop includes designers from around the globe, who each applied through the online contest forum. The VFiles tastemakers also added members to their team of mentors and coaches this season. Vogue editor-at-large Candy Pratts Price, Calvin Klein menswear creative director Italo Zucchelli, and stylist Mel Ottenberg will round out the program’s leadership.

Keep these names close, you’ll want to remember them to boast “before they were famous” stories.

Who: D.TT.K. by Kazuma Detto
Where based: Tokyo
What: Energetic ranges of neo sportswear, air of luxe Nasir Mazhar.
How to find them:, IG: @dettok

dttk2 dttk3 dttk4


Who: HAMM by Hye Gin Hamm
Where based: New York
What: Future denim drapery, pieces built to empower. Her graduating collection included vintage Nikes with added rubber monk soles, so.
How to find them:

hamm1 hamm2 hamm3


Who: ZDDZ by Dasha Selyanova
Where based: London
What: Provocation through graphics, obsession with typography, Russian heritage with a clean London twist.
How to find them:, IG: @zddz_london

zddz1 zddz2 zddz3


Who: Tigran Avetisyan
Where based: Moscow
What: Ego inflating pieces from someone who understands the social media generation.
How to find them:, IG: @tigranavetisyan

Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 17 Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 16

Check out the show on September 3rd and support their collections at the VFiles shop.

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