Tessa Edwards

“It seems everyone is saying ‘FYI I’m well dressed and on trend, like a celeb, desirable’.  I think that’s boring as fuck.”TE2
After becoming acquainted with the work of Tessa Edwards through the excellent 1 Granary magazine, I think the designer’s above quote might best translate her creative mantra. Edwards’ treatise on the collapsing state of the consumerist fashion industry sets the context upon which her collections are based. She focuses on breaking down the inflated hollowness of our consumerist selves by creating pieces which serve to enrich one’s true identify; leaving space for a woman to communicate who they really are and what they are really interested in. Each of her designs feature three interchangeable parts: a foundation piece from her ‘Genesis’ line paired with components from her ‘Nexus’ and ‘Astral’ lines. The complexity and interchangeability of her designs serve to elevate her pieces beyond trend-led fashion as she wishes to free women from what she terms the “suffocating grasp of the fast image industry.” Edwards’ work is defiant, political, and rife with mystique. Visit her website (note: music plays automatically, which is usually grrrrr, but here it’s quite good) and read her interview in 1 Granary to creep even further into her creative process.TE1  TE3 TE4.   

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