Street Style Wallflower

082914_Best_Tommy_Ton_Street_Style_extras_008Photo via Tommy Ton

Unless you’re a model or a Vogue Paris editor, extravagance is the name of the game when looking to get noticed by street style photographers during fashion week, and with good reason. As perfect as black is, it just doesn’t pop in photographs like mixed prints and colours. In the decade since the explosion of street style, online fashion mags have even started posting shopping guides just before fashion weeks advising showgoers on what to buy if they want to get snapped. Of course, good bloggers should be considerate of how clothes look in photographs, but never at the expense of their personal style. There is something unseemly and kind of thirsty about getting dressed not for yourself, but to satisfy the attention of photographers and the fickle tastes of the commercial fashion industry. So in the true spirit of not giving a fuck, here is The Pack’s handy style guide for anyone looking to just blend in, in a stylish but practical, even irreverent kinda way.

 Embrace “Boring” ClothesUntitled-1What: Giorgia Tordini in an ivory suit, black turtleneck by The Row, oxford shirt by Charles Anastase, cream sweater by The Row.
Why: Fade into the hard New York concrete a little easier by donning neutrals and black and white, the more relaxed-fit the better. Crinkled beige suits and slouchy sweaters are a must in a sea of sequins and dresses pressed to perfection. It’s not easy running to and from shows all day, you might as well make it comfortable for yourself.

Wear-Forever Accessories
What: Gold earring by Kathleen Whitaker, mini backpack by The Row, clutch by MM11, leather carry-all by A.P.C.
Why: If you’re attending shows as a member of the media, and not because you’re a filthy rich socialite with a lot of time and a personal driver, you probably need to lug a lot of cargo so you can do your job. There’s no reason to torture yourself by accessorizing with a million bracelets and a tiny handbag shaped like a book that can hold maybe your keys and phone. Free yourself, and your hands. A classic black bag and a single gold earring might lack pomp, but it’ll probably look good for more than just one season.

No Name Brands
Untitled-3What: tank dress and coated jacket by Joe Fresh, knit by Zara, shirt dress by The Gap.
There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about how fashion week street style has become a playground for the financially advantaged and socially connected to show off head-to-toe designer looks straight from the runway. Rebel against this super boring practice by donning a white shirt dress from the Gap. Bonus points if someone mistakes it for Acne.

Like the Boys
What: Leather b-ball shorts by Zara, cardigan by Maison Kitsuné, faux wrap skirt by Y’s.
Why: A lace Dolce & Gabbana dress is nice, but a tad overdone. Channel the vibe of Japanese editors by pairing baggy shorts with plain white kicks, the more nondescript the better. Why wear your femininity on your sleeves when you can feel cozy and look cooler than literally everyone else?

Practical Footwear
What: Adidas sneakers, boots by MM6, Maria Van Nguyen is wearing Acne Lark derbies, Jimmy Choo Agnes pumps, derbies by Common Projects.
 Apparently there are women out there who feel the most comfortable in heels. Those women are fictional probably. Or maybe they have a man servant. For those of us lacking in that department, there are sneakers and derbies and lugged-sole boots (modest-heel pumps if you’re feeling adventurous). Made for the practical career woman on the go, these shoes are ideal for traversing the crowds and light stairs of fashion weeks the world over.

Images via style.comLa Garçonne, The Cut, net-a-porter, Maria, Zara, and Joe Fresh.

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