Wang x H&M


Designer collabs are great in theory. Who doesn’t want to own a garment by one of their favourite designers, whose products are way out of most people’s price range? But in practice, they’re kind of a disaster. Ridiculously long lines, scalpers, exorbitant prices, and substandard quality of production are just a few problems keeping me from taking a day off from work in order to line up in the autumn chill for like 10 hours.

Looking at these photos from the as-yet-to-be-released collection by Alexander Wang for H&M though, I have to say my resolve is weakening. I love the technical look of  all of the pieces, maybe even enough to wait in line with my fellow fashion-obsessed but financially-challenged peers. I’m particularly obsessed with the grey coat and textured neoprene sweatshirt. Also wouldn’t mind owning the white cycling shorts and dark grey backpack.

Alexander Wang for H&M releases in stores and online on November 6, 2014.

Images via

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