Topshop x Marques’Almeida

3-marques-almeida-x-topshop-fb 9-marques-almeida-x-topshop-fb 4-marques-almeida-x-topshop-fb 11-marques-almeida-x-topshop-fb 15-marques-almeida-x-topshop-fb Everybody’s favourite new designers Marques’Almeida are doing what every good fashion business does as their star starts to really shine: encourage the brand’s public awareness and continuing success by releasing a collection for one of the biggest high street brands in the world. Set for an October 9th drop date, the 68-piece (!) collection features plenty of, what else, distressed denim, plus lots of white shoes and a healthy does of that early-Noughties slouch. I’ve got my eyes on the denim duffle coat and sumptuous leather trousers. Here in the 6, you can expect to grab your favourite pieces on the HBC x Topshop website and in stores on October 9.

See the complete collection here.

Images via Topshop

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