WMCFW: Days 2 & 3


left to right: the lights at Mackage; Canadian baewatch in between shows2

left to right: my well-dressed squad; the mood and music at Target

the big finish at Target

day 2: I wore a vintage denim uniform jacket and vintage suede skirt, with a top by Topshop and sneakers by Zara
day 3: I wore my Calvin Klein bralet with culottes by Topshop and a vintage top

Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week was decidedly underwhelming. Although the mood at Target was exuberant and the room abuzz with happy chatter, I couldn’t quite muster the excitement for a collection that lacked the innovation and luxury I’ve come to expect from ready to wear runway shows. Yes, I understand it’s Target and it’s meant to be super wearable for the entire family, even grandma. But you wouldn’t go to NYFW to watch an Old Navy show, why would you do this?

There is a very nagging sense in Canada that designers who are groundbreaking don’t stick around or they call it quits. This is mostly true. Just look at Jeremy Laing, CallaKaelen, Steven Tai, Erdem, Thomas Tait, the list goes on. I do believe that a huge part of the reason is that the high end market, by way of consumer demand, has not always encouraged thinking outside of the box. You need not look any further than the clothes the wealthy elites of Toronto prefer to wear to fashion events, or chat with fashion buyers about how hard it is to move garments by fashion forward brands like Jacquemus and J. W. Anderson in Toronto. Not to say that there aren’t Torontonians with a taste for the weird—if that were the case this blog wouldn’t exist. But the Venn diagram of Torontonians with money and Torontonians with a taste for the avant garde would probably look like two circles, barely grazing each other’s sides.

That’s why design competitions and grants for young designers are so important. I was surprised to learn that this year was the first time that the Mercedes Star-up Design show actually awarded a cash prize. But of course also very happy that things are slowly changing. It would be devastating to the future of Canadian fashion if we continue to lose innovative designers like Sid Neigum and Thomas Balint to New York, London, or Paris. This made Sid Neigum’s win even sweeter this past Monday.

Click after the jump for two other collections I saw during days 2 and 3 of WMCFW that impressed.

Mélissa Nepton

nepton nepton2 nepton3Nothing I hadn’t seen or worn before but still lots of garments that were pretty and that I would like to own. Obviously, it was mostly white. At this point I’ve gotten so sick of all white in girly silhouettes that I welcomed the geometric brocade dress in pastel. The one white look that made me actually gasp, though, was the sheer organza top, worn with pleated white trousers. I also adored the jogging pants made from perforated white fabric. Looks so fresh and comfortable for hot summers!


fashion_toronto_mackage_20141022_348046531 mackage fashion_toronto_mackage_20141022_34804585 mackage3 fashion_toronto_mackage_20141022_34804589 mackage2 fashion_toronto_mackage_20141022_34804593As a cohesive collection, Mackage was by far my favourite. Although motorcycle jackets and perforated leather are nothing new, the garments were all done really well. I loved the layered skirts especially. The coloured fringe and the perforated wrap skirts worn over booty shorts and mesh slips were the most memorable parts of the collection for me. What were your favourites?

Images via canada.com, Mélissa Nepton, and The Pack

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