I just can’t get into working out. Sure, being trim and toned is nice. I like the idea of putting in work to better my body and push myself to become stronger, but the execution leaves me cold. Or rather, sweaty and cranky and as red as an heirloom tomato.

What’s much easier to get behind, though, is wearing clothes designed for working out. This was something I didn’t really understand until maybe a year ago. Being brought up in a family of dorks, I viewed the athletics and everything related to it with complete derision. So I missed out on the luxury of wearing clothes made from fabrics that breathe when I’m hot and insulate when I’m cold. My childhood was sweaty, ok?

These adidas track pants do exactly that, and since purchasing them it has been extremely difficult not to wear them everyday. I can no longer say with confidence that skinny jeans are comfy. Just last week alone, I wore these three times. Because they’re a simple black and white, they go with pretty much anything. It’s a very sporty look, no doubt, and incorporating them into your daily wardrobe can be challenging at first. Unlike the slouchy black and white trousers from the high street that’s merely inspired by activewear, this is the shit real athletes who play real sports wear. Or, like, high school boys.

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