U make me wanna soop


Images via soopsoop.ca

Much of the east coast in Canada and the U.S. got hit with a major snowstorm today. Sigh. To cope with what will soon be non-stop bitter days and damp walks, I visited one of my favourite Toronto boutiques / e-commerce sites, SOOP SOOP. I won’t gush too much about the shop’s well-curated collection of new and vintage pieces, as I’ve done so and worn their wares plenty of times before. Instead, I picked a few of my favourite items currently available online and in stores, and plopped them right here for your interest. Inspired by thoughts of spring days at the park and summer parties at the beach, I chose pastel crop tops, slouchy rainbow joggers, and plush accessories for maximum cuteness. I especially love the lilac neoprene top by Shallowww and the kitty backpack by Lazy Oaf. Check out their brick and mortar store on Dundas West if you’re in Toronto, or their wicked Tumblr if you’re on the world wide web.

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