Holiday Humdrum

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DSC_1090In winter, there are days when I find myself wearing the same outfit every day of the week. These days, that outfit usually consists of ripped jeans with a wool or cashmere sweater in a neutral shade, rounded out by sneakers or a pair of modestly heeled ankle boots. In fashion speak, this is called “uniform dressing”, but I think “lazy dressing” is probably more accurate. To make the ensemble look like I actually put some effort into it, I like to wear a shiny ring and my favourite pearl earrings, which you can still cop online.

The weather in Toronto lately has been a nightmare for people with seasonal effective disorder and street style photographers. No sun for days, just endless fog and pissing rain. As someone that’s just starting to learn how to shoot style pics, this has been a challenge, but not one without rewards. It’s given me the chance to try different settings on the DSLR for indoor and nighttime settings, with varying levels of success.

These photos were taken over the past week in and around my apartment and work. I’m wearing black denim by Topshop, booties by H&M, and vintage wool sweater in most of the photos, and a vintage denim jacket as a dress with Zara boots in the second to last image. Say hi to my Christmas tree, which is doing a surprising lot to brighten my mood.

Images by Karolyne Ellacott, Eric Davis, and The Pack

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