Pre-fall 2015, pt. 2

prefall-110 Crosby Derek Lam

prefall-210 Crosby Derek Lam

prefall-310 Crosby Derek Lam

prefall-4Elizabeth and James

prefall-5Elizabeth and James

prefall-6Elizabeth and James



prefall-10Sally LaPointe

prefall-11Sally LaPointe

prefall-12Sally LaPointe




One of the best things about the in-between collections, namely pre-fall and resort, is the chance to see the clothes outside of a runway setting. Sure, big name designers with big budgets like Raf Simons for Christian Dior use their funds for big productions regardless of the season. But for smaller houses like Sally LaPointe and Samuji, seen above, they spend their funds on lookbooks instead. This is a plus, because it gives fashion editors and appreciators the opportunity to see designers communicate their aesthetic through more than the clothes themselves. Everything from the makeup to the styling, from the shooting location to the amount of light used in the photography, is an expression of the designers’ vision.

Sally LaPointe opted for late night office party vibes. Photographs featured flash, giving the model and background high sheen. Floors are white and furry. The result is off-kilter glam, much like the clothes themselves. MM6 looks like it was shot in an old fashioned elevator, which makes sense given the worker’s uniform look of the collection. I loved the soft, romantic look of the Samuji lookbook. The model’s styling is very gamine, but also seems inspired by vintage Hollywood. This was a thoughtful match for the classically cut, subtle femininity of the collection. Elizabeth and James went with a clean and classic, albeit expected background: hardwood floors and brick walls. It’s a bit boring, but exactly what you need to let such simple clothes shine.

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