Desert Star

caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_3_1 caroline-mackitnosh-scarlet-moreno-1_1 caroline-mackitnosh-scarlet-moreno-2_0 caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_5_1 caroline-mackitnosh-scarlet-moreno-4_0 caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_6_1 caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_7_1 caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_8_1 caroline-mackitnosh-scarlet-moreno-10_0 caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_9_1 caroline_mackitnosh_scarlet_moreno_11_1

Photography: Caroline Mackintosh
Styling: Scarlet Moreno
Publication: Oyster Mag

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong hemisphere. The idea of ringing in the New Year under clear skies and with seasonal temperatures is just so much more appealing than icy winds and wearing a million layers of black clothes. Give me summer sun, desert sand, and shimmery bare nipples over everything.

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