DSC_1186 DSC_1171 DSC_1164DSC_1184DSC_1165 DSC_1210DSC_1188 DSC_1181DSC_1189DSC_1225When the weather outside isn’t conducive to prancing around in fashionably light layers, thou shalt take close-up shots of said layers arranged in aesthetically pleasing ways. This was a particularly chilly day—one of those bitter winter days when the sky is the colour of sapphire and the sun is bright enough to warm your face but just barely. It was just before Christmas and I truly needed a break from stressing about it. Photography was a welcomed distraction. It’s funny. What started out as an act of necessity for this website has very quickly progressed into a hobby I genuinely enjoy and want to get better at. I’m a bit of a control freak, and I get an addictive feeling of power in the process of creating my own visual world. Taking pictures is a way of communicating what I like in my own “words”, and currently I much prefer being behind the camera than in front. I did just get a tripod so pretty soon I’ll get to do both, lucky for you guys!

A little bit about what you see here: since purchasing Carven Le Parfum a year ago, it’s quickly become my signature scent. I’ve worn a number of different perfumes over the years and none of them could maintain their appeal beyond the first bottle. This one is so fresh and delicate, with just the right amount of citrus and sweetness that I can see myself wearing for a very long time.

My colour palette in the colder months, not unlike what I wear during the warmer months, consist primarily of whites, blacks, greys, and muted neutrals. I prefer cashmere, wool, angora, or straight up cotton. Synthetics wreak havoc on my dried-out winter tresses, and just don’t feel very warm. Most of my baubles were purchased on the cheap from places like Zara and H&M, and like other resourceful and modestly-incomed ladies out there, I paint them with clear nail polish in order to help them maintain their colour. Of course, none of them are as prized as my pom pom earrings, which I acquired from Claire’s when I was 13 and will continue to wear until I’m 93 probably.

All images by The Pack

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