Pastel Pairings: Ally Capellino SS15

329131 329128 329140 329137Recently I made a rather drastic change: I bleached my virgin black hair and made it light blonde. Far from being an impulsive person, I have been planning this transformation for over a year now. And by “planning”, I mean gathering my courage. Although I’m still learning to love it on me 100% of the time, I have no doubt in my mind that this was the right decision. Photos to follow shortly!

Looking at London-based brand Ally Capellino‘s SS15 lookbook, I can’t help but dream up further adventures in hair colour. Perhaps sherbety pink in April, icy blue in July. Shot by Agnes Lloyd Platt (her Instagram is amazing), the photos combine ice cream hued accessories punctuated with black accents and pastel-shaded hairdos. I love the tonal colour blocking and the use of bold lines. The result is simple but striking, which makes me wanna own the bags and the ‘dos.

Images via AnOther mag

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