Sunnei SS15

5-- sunnei-2 sunnei-1 15 sunnei3- sunnei- 14

art direction: Loris Messina & Simone Rizzo
photographer: Amandine Paulandré
stylist: Alessia Vanini
location Villa Taverna, Como

Italian menswear brand SUNNEI recently presented their fall winter 2015 collection at Pitti Uomo. This week they travel to Milan for the influential WHITE Trade Show. For a brand only in its second season, Sunnei has already earned a lot of love for its high quality garments and lowkey luxury. High Snobiety even named it one of the 15 most interesting brands to watch at WHITE this year.

In fashion, luxury is often associated with glitz, rocks, and over-the-top extravagance. But it’s my belief that the most luxurious thing about a garment is how comfortable it feels to wear it. Whether it’s the quality of the fabric, or the cut of the design, true luxury is feeling comfortable in your clothes while still looking elegant as fuck.

The brand’s SS15 collection, see above, is a prime example of this. Made from denim, textured cotton, linen, and other fine organic textiles, the collection includes easy summer suits, well-cut denim jackets, and plenty of white. I love the subtle sportiness of the clothes as well, but in a completely different way than the American sportiness of Nike and HBA. The looks are clean, effortless, and well-balanced—perfect for lazy days on the Mediterranean or a quiet afternoon at a fancy Italian villa.

Images via SUNNEI

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