London Menswear 2015

mens-J.W.Andersonmens2-J.W.Anderson mens3-J.W.Anderson mens4-J.W.Anderson mens5-J.W.Anderson mens6-J.W.Anderson

The London Collections: Men came and went during the second weekend of January. How blessed we are for it. I have been stressing over an ungodly amount of post-holiday work while battling a silly but persistent cold, so blogging has, sadly, taken a bit of a backseat. You can imagine my happiness in seeing collections like the ones included here—why, the posts just write themselves!

For J.W.Anderson‘s ridiculously good menswear collection, there would no doubt be a word or two about the 70s style references. Just look at the teddy bear mohair coat, the velour lounge suit, the flamboyantly-hued leather, the cropped shearling jackets….sorry, I’ll stop. I could mention the dandified swagger of the models, equal parts Dorian Gray and Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch. An unusual combination, no doubt, but this was an unusual collection for an usual man, unafraid of bending the sartorial rules a little. Shall we take bets on how long before Kanye makes a public appearance with Kim in that insane gradient coat in the last look? Bonus points if he wears the whole look.

mens7-Nasir Mazharmens8Nasir Mazhar mens9Nasir Mazhar mens10Nasir Mazhar

Nasir Mazhar came up around the same time as everyone in the fashion world became obsessed with logos, high performance sportswear, and streetwear, which is no coincidence since his creations had a huge part in this tide change. For FW15, I was relieved to see that he’d moved on from the logo obsession. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and a visionary knows when to move on. I like that he worked with classic sportswear shapes, but manufactured them with high-shine and metallic fabrics, even playing with proportions in the quilted puffy jackets. The looks are masculine and rugged, made more for an underground club than a bottle-service lounge. But in spite of its ruggedness—like almost everything Nasir Mazhar has produced so far in his career—its appeal doesn’t speak to only men. I (and lots of other women too) would absolutely wear everything here.

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