Mood Lift

STAZIA LINDES PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANA BOULOS roll roll9 roll2 29 roll3 tumblr_n9ya36QRjD1rxkl2go1_1280 roll1 tumblr_mko11wsoZr1sn551jo1_1280 roll4 tumblr_mtabvdlEZn1qg44mto1_1280 roll5 the-editorial-magazines-editor-showed-us-some-of-their-best-editorials-374-1421854547 roll7 kendall005 tumblr_mu9k9sDX1w1ssmc9do1_1280

Perhaps I’m sick of winter and the lack of greenery, but I’m really feeling plants these days. I love the clean lines of the leaves when they’re photographed, and the intricate patterns of its shadow on a sunlit floor. My goal is to start with just one and try really hard to not let it die. A number of these photos serve as excellent motivation to always remember to water my future fern. Taken from a variety of different fashion and art publications, these images are striking not just because of the clothes in them. Pro tip: Montreal’s Editorial Magazine is a great place to find stunning and unusual photography, fashion or otherwise. Printed quarterly and distributed in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, and Tokyo, Editorial is fast becoming one of my favourite publications ever, which makes the fact that it’s Canadian all the more pleasantly surprising. Check out their Shoot the Breeze section, where they profile young and established photographers alike, with plenty of right-click-and-save fodder.

Images via Bullett mag, Editorial mag, Dazed Digital, Oyster mag, Double Dot mag, Sunnei, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Isabelle Chapuis, and Tumblr.

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