Find me in the light

DSC_1259IMG_6223me2 IMG_6268me3 Untitled-1 IMG_6367 me4 IMG_6407

Wearing cropped knit and ripped jeans by Topshop, vintage fur coat and leather backpack

I’ve been sitting on these photos for far too long. My life is currently a clusterfuck of plans and responsibilities so you’ll have to be patient with me for a bit longer. Taken before Christmas and before my massive hair change, these were shot on a rare sunny Saturday. I was feeling especially daring that day and frolicked in the cold san-scarf while baring plenty of midriff and knees. To be honest with you, I find most crop tops in high street stores too cropped, this olive-coloured one from Topshop being a particularly egregious example. Paired with an oversized coat, though, the ensemble turns a few shades more modest. Just think of it as my Kim K. look, ok?

Looking at these pics, I can’t help but feel an intense nostalgia for my natural dark hair. I am a scaredy cat by nature, terrified of change and comforted by repetition and sameness. Needless to say, bleaching my hair was a decision that took several years for me to act on. It is absolutely not an act I regret, and I’m sure you would agree with me too as soon as I get around to posting a before and after pic. But seeing my once softly-tousled waves that barely took 5 minutes to style…it’s hard not to feel envious of my former self.

All photos shot by Karolyne Ellacott and edited by The Pack

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