Dice Kayek Couture 2015

dice dice2 1106975 dice3 1106980 1106981 dice4

With great simplicity comes great responsibility, said by nobody ever except me. But hey, it makes sense. When a brand’s specialty is monochromatic ensembles consisting of one, at most, two items, the designer must ensure what’s there is impeccable, and find more creative ways of wowing fashion journalists and the wealthy patrons who sustain their business. For Paris-based Turkish label Dice Kayek, which began as a 15-piece collection of white poplin shirts, one of the ways they impress the fashion world is through their focus on architectural minimalism. Their recent couture collection in Paris featured darling baby doll dresses in monochrome and jewel tones, cut and assembled in exaggerated hourglass shapes. Sister designers Ece and Ayşe Ege utilized heavier, sensuous fabrics like silk gabardine and wool to construct origami pleats, trumpet sleeves, and intimidating shoulders. These dramatic accents did a number on the sweetness of the girly dresses, giving the models a quiet power and a beauty that’s, at times, otherworldly.

Images via Dazed Digital

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