Shining 70s

WOMAN_01_1920 WOMAN_02_1920 WOMAN_04_1920 WOMAN_06_1920 WOMAN_07_1920 WOMAN_08_1920In case you missed the memo (that’s a nice rock you’re living under), #normcore is dead, long live the shining 70s. And there’s no bigger proof of this than the brand new Spring Summer 2015 campaign by Zara Woman. Remember the Chloé Pre-fall collection from a month ago? If you forgot, that’s ok, because the Zara design team is here to remind you, one suede skirt at a time. *cue Todd Rundgren track*

This, of course, doesn’t mean I’m ready to chuck my Nikes and go full boho. Trends are best implemented in baby steps, carefully selected and with care. Who’s got the benjamins to buy a new closet each season? Who wants to look like a walking trend report, devoid of any sense of personal style? No one from The Pack, that’s for sure.

By far my favourite elements of this campaign, and the 70s style in general, are dark and patchwork denims, rich-hued suedes, and pimped out shearling coats (which I’ve already begun searching for in vintage shops). I don’t want to say never, but you probably won’t see me in one of those long billowy dresses or the frilly white blouse.  The tan suede dress in the second photo? It’s got my name written all over it.

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