The Light

Untitled-1 Untitled- Untitled-5 Untitled-3One of fashion’s most respected photographers passed away this week after an excruciating battle with late stage lymphoma. Jonathan Waiter’s distinct style of aggressively minimal photography captured beautiful girls in undone, off-kilter poses. His gritty aesthetic and striking use of  light and dark has had tremendous influence on the photographers working in the industry today. On a personal level, I was very sad to hear about this incredible talent/human’s experience with a truly awful disease and all of the shit—agonizing pain, lack of health insurance for freelancers—that comes with it. On his Instagram feed Waiter talks a lot about finding “the light” in his life and life’s work. In the end, I don’t doubt for a second that he did. Rest in peace.

All images by Jonathan Waiter

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