Sketcharound SS15

SA-SS15-lookbook-1-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-2-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-4-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-5-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-6-900x608

My interest in unisex clothing is two-fold. For one, I love the comfort and ease of wearing clothes that don’t conform to every curve of my body. Secondly, I love the subtle femininity that exudes from a woman in shapeless garments. It lends an element of mystery to her ensembles, making pervy straight dudes everywhere think “damn I wish I knew what was under there”.

There’s also one other major bonus if you’re like me and have packed on a wee winter belly: unisex clothing is 100 times more forgiving. THANK YOU LORD.

Hong Kong’s SketchΔround has only been around since 2013, but the brand has already earned a lot of love in Asian and European markets for its unisex tailoring and innovative techniques. Garments are minimal and relaxed, with a touch of sportiness (and maybe cleaning staff uniform?). Although pieces are delicate, the construction is always sturdy and disciplined. Designers utilize highly technical methods of construction and bonding that I’ve never heard of before, like tape-netting, muted locking, and wire play buttoning. This fanatic dedication to craftsmanship and functionality is the key to what has made them so successful in such a short amount of time.

If you live in Canada and the thought of owning their clothes is but a distant dream*, at least we get to enjoy their gorgeous lookbooks, right? You can see their equally aesthetically-compelling SS14 collection here, and check out the rest of their SS15 lookbook after the jump.

* not technically true. You can totally order online from here, here, and here (all prices in HK).

SA-SS15-lookbook-8-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-9-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-10-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-11-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-15-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-16-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-17-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-18-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-19-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-20-900x608 SS15-landing-page-1469x980

Images via Sketcharound for Pitch-Present magazine

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