American Classic

bluetjakob_and_hannah-bluet_denim-02 jakob_and_hannah-bluet_denim-03 jakob_and_hannah-bluet_denim-04 bluet2Bluet Denim Lookbook – Basics
Model: Ava
Styling: Veronika and Ira Aprubs
Photography: Jakob & Hannah

Leave it to a German to perfect the staple of classic American sportwear: denim. Based in Berlin and designed by Veronika Aprubs, Bluet jeans are produced from fine Japanese denims and handcrafted in limited quantities in northern Germany. My favourite thing about their denim is that there’s no unsightly washes or trendy pre-distressed details. A lifetime of buying jeans has taught me that anything printed, discoloured, or acid wash usually ends up in my clothing donation bin within a year or two. Bluet Denims are classic pieces—jeans, skirts, jackets, and overalls—in solid colours that you can wear forever, cut in flattering silhouettes and manufactured with an uncompromising devotion to quality.

Currently you can only buy Bluet jeans in Berlin, so if you’re out there, the world (of high quality blue jeans) is your oyster. For the rest of us, all we have are these minimalist shots featuring a model that resembles Jennifer Lawrence. And you know what? I’m ok with it because a) the aesthetic is stunning in its simplicity and b) J. Law is a babe.

(Hit me up if you’re into shipping me some jeans tho)

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