VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_01_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Martin-Niklas-Wieser_Franziska-Michael_Reality-Studio_Lapaporter VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_02_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Barbara-Bui VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_03_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Acne-Studios_Falke_Martin-Niklas-Wieser VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_04_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Julian-Zigerli_Schumacher_Reality-Studio-Grey_Vladimir-Karaleev_Frisur VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_05_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Reality-Studio_Baum-und-Pferdgarten VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_06_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Issey-Miyake_Baum-und-Pferdgarten_Schumacher_Frisur_Falke VEIN-Magazine_OVERSIZE_07_Lara-Alegre_Christina-van-Zon_Aennikin_Issey-Miyake_Andersen-Berner_Reality-StudioOversize
Model: Marie
Styling: Christina Van Zon
Photography: Lara Alegre
Appeared in: Vein magazine

So much talent in this big wide world, or so it seems, especially at 3am when I should be asleep but instead I’ve been sucked into a deep Tumblr rabbit hole. I’m often surprised that despite all the hyperbolic warnings about the end of print publishing, the frequency at which new fashion magazines are poppin’ up doesn’t appear to be waning. There are people out with with a passion so consuming and a vision so singular, they would dedicate their time and energy and hard-earned day job salary to this beautiful, perhaps meaningless pursuit.

Sometimes I forget that’s sort of what we’re chasing after too.

Vein magazine is a Spanish fashion publication dedicated to “the celebration of youth, independence, and freedom”, whatever that means. I think the more important thing is that their editorials are bitchin’. Published by Barcelona’s ABHFYA and with the financial support of H&M Studios, Vein releases four times a year and enlists creatives from all over Europe, including my current obsession, Berlin stylist Christina Van Zon. Everything about this editorial works—the use of sharp angles and lines in the photography, delicate flower petals that reflect the voluminous layers of the clothes, the subdued tones, the quiet beauty of the model. Good work like this inspires me to keep following my dreams, and yes, to also put on my most shapeless sweaters and coats.

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